The Second Blockchain Tower establishes in Malaysia ! Fostering web3.0 development in Asia.

Dear JPEX Users,

We are thrilled and honored to announce a significant initiative – in our continued efforts to promote and deepen blockchain technology and knowledge, we have decided to establish our second Blockchain Tower in Malaysia.

This brand new Malaysian headquarters will serve as a critical support center for local innovative tech companies. We will provide comprehensive support, including venue, manpower, media, and event organizing, to unleash and drive the boundless potential of local tech companies and further promote the development of blockchain technology in Malaysia and throughout Asia.

Rest assured that this decision to establish is not taken lightly, but is a firm commitment towards developing Asian Web3.0 cities. We are convinced that Asia has a broad development prospect and possesses unique perspectives and innovative thinking in the application of blockchain technology. We aim to provide more support to this market, further guide, and stimulate the vitality of this region.

Simultaneously, we recognize that various Asian cities are very friendly in setting regulations for the blockchain market, which undoubtedly gives us greater confidence and motivation in our goals. With these favorable conditions, we believe our efforts will yield the greatest returns.

Finally, we look forward to collaborating with all partners, including innovative tech companies, developers, users, and everyone interested in blockchain technology, to create a more prosperous and vibrant blockchain ecosystem together. We sincerely invite your participation and look forward to progressing together in the coming days for a better future.

Thanks for your Support!
JPEX team

Aug 15, 2023


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