The Second Phase of JPEX Planet’s NFT Series YOBI Purchasing Details!

Dear JPEX Users, 

The non-fungible token (NFT) Series ‘YOBI’, part of the second (2nd) phase of the JP Planet Metaverse will soon be open for sale. As part of the sale, the ‘YOBI BALL’ Mystery box and capture item will be made available for digital collectors.   

Overall, there will be 8,888 YOBI character series in this second phase. This is a 900% increase in characters compared with 888 YAMI Series characters. As part of rewarding users who have contributed to the expansion of our NFT trading system, all 888 holders of the YAMI Series characters will receive YOBI BALL blind boxes for FREE through an airdrop. This will play an invaluable role in shedding light on JPEXs NFT collections. Aside from this, users who rank from 334 up to 888 on the JPP financial list can also be rewarded with additional airdrops. The remaining YOBI BALLs (7445) will be sold by lottery in the form of blind boxes. 

While JPEX has millions of users, not everyone qualifies when it comes to getting their hands on some of the NFTs. Those who qualify successfully for the purchase of the YOBI Series will randomly receive YOBI BALL blind boxes via airdrops. Such users can be issued five (5) different levels of YOBI BALL with each attribute corresponding to YOBI 

Users who successfully qualify for the purchase will randomly receive YOBI BALL blind boxes in the form of airdrops and can issue 5 different levels of YOBI BALL, each of which will correspond to the attributes of YOBI and be used for capturing. 

Users can follow the link below to get their hands on some of the NFTs. 


YOBI Series can be purchased for 2.5 ether (ETH) or 400,000 JPC tokens. 

While many users would want to purchase more due to huge profits that could be earned from the resale value of NFTs, each user can purchase up to 20 draws. Based on the aforementioned figures, users can choose to apply for purchases in either JPEX’s novel token in the form of JPC or via the native asset of Ethereum (the blockchain housing the NFTs) in the form of ether. Once the tokens are received, they will be automatically locked into the system.  

8888 YOBI BALL blind boxes will be airdropped at 00:01 on Sunday, April 2, 2023 (GMT+8). 

All users who fail to participate in the purchase will unlock the assets used for the purchase at the same time. 

JPEX reserves all rights to this announcement, including but not limited to the right to adjust, interpret, and terminate this announcement at any time without prior notice. 

Thank you for your support! 

The JPEX Team 



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