The withdrawal has not been received

Blockchain asset transfer is divided into four links: JPEX audit — JPEX enter an item of expenditure in the accounts — block confirmation — the other party’s account.

Step 1: after receiving your withdrawal request, our withdrawal review team will timely review your withdrawal request to ensure the safety of your assets.

Step 2: after passing the audit, we will generally generate the blockchain transaction ID (TXID) within 30-60 minutes, which means that the transfer processing of our platform has been completed and the currency has been transferred to the blockchain.

Step 3: please copy the transaction ID of the blockchain to the corresponding blockchain browser to check the confirmation number of the withdrawal.

Step 4: if the block chain shows confirmation in progress or not, please be patient and wait for the confirmation of the block chain. If the blockchain display confirmation is completed, if you still cannot receive the currency, please contact the currency receiving platform for your account.

Note: block congestion may cause large delays. If there is still no Txid generated in your account’s cash flow — withdrawal record after 6 hours, please contact the customer service or submit the work order, we will deal with it for you as soon as possible.



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