What is IAIA

What is IAIA

Ito Arbitrage Trading Application (IAIA) is a core project in JPEX, an artificial intelligence project in IAIA 2.0
The IAIA program is an artificial intelligence trading program developed by the Department of Actuarial Science of the University of Tokyo and the Australian team.

Since the transaction of cryptocurrency is 7×24, we need an AI program to monitor the price of the currencies in global exchanges such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

The main goal of IAIA is to monitor the price difference of mainstream currencies in various cryptocurrency exchanges in the world through AI technology, and buy on low-price exchanges, and sell on high-price exchanges immediately . With strong funding background, huge funds have been deposited in these exchanges. Therefore, the risk of loss caused by price fluctuations during the transmission of cryptocurrencies is avoided.



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