Withdraw to the wrong address or fill in the wrong Memo

If you find that you have filled in the wrong withdrawal address or the wrong Memo after you initiated the withdrawal on platform, you can refer to the following handling methods:

  1. If you find the address error before the withdrawal check shows “to be reviewed”, you can provide your UID, withdrawal currency and other information to the customer service to help you withdraw the withdrawal. The withdrawal is then reinitiated at the correct address.
  2. If your withdrawal shows “passed”, the system will automatically enter the withdrawal sequence and the transfer cannot be stopped. Because of the anonymity of blockchain addresses, we can’t find each other. If you hit the wrong address, please find the owner of the target address by other ways to negotiate back your coin.
  3. If you forget to fill in the notes or fill in the wrong notes (such as EOS,ENU and other currencies) when withdrawing money to other platforms, we will help provide you with the TXID and relevant information of withdrawing money in Platfrom. You can try to contact the other platform to help find it.


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