JPEX Discord Rainbow Community officially launched 

On 25 September at 8:00 UTC+8, the Rainbow Community will be launched on JPEX Discord. Users can liaise with other users on JPEX Discord to reach the following seven levels and the rewards will be accrued from accomplishing the different levels.

Red Level I
Orange Level II
Yellow Level III
Green Level IV
Blue Level V
Indigo Level VI
Violet Level VII

Levels are based on the frequency and the amount of dialogue users engage on Discord, levels will be updated when users achieve every 10 grades in Discord, e.g. users who achieved the first 10 grades on Discord will unlock the first level -“Red”. Each reward in corresponding levels will be unlocked at regular time, such as gifts and community offers. The first Level – “Red” – will be unlocked on 15 October. For more details, please refer to RainbowBaby Twitter and official website.


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