Cryptocurrency trading hackers pose many challenges to investors and exchanges. These events not only mean huge financial losses for current investors, but also prevent potential new users from using cryptocurrency exchanges. Although the exchange can implement many technical solutions, in order to give users a peace of mind, JPEX decided to launch a user asset insurance plan for users.

Why do you need insurance?

History shows that the biggest problem with cryptocurrency exchanges is hacker attacks and third-party interference. From 2011 to 2019, there were a large number of hackers. Even though the number of stolen tokens is small, as the price of tokens has been rising over the years, the funds stolen from hackers seem to be increasing.

Profitability and security settings plus technical updates are the most effective way to prevent these hacker attacks. Although many exchanges use decentralized databases and non-custodial options to improve security, although JPEX provides users with the most effective multi-signature cold wallet system, the security of customer assets is still our top priority.

In view of this, JPEX specially provides each user with a financial insurance compensation plan

The guarantee limit is 75000USDT
The guarantee rate is 90% the same as the requirements of international finance
The protection is only based on each user who successfully passed the real-name authentication, that is, the same user has multiple accounts, and the upper limit of protection is 75000USDT
Users can receive protection as long as they pass KYC

JPEX is committed to providing users with maximum benefits and protection
The above products JPEX platform has the final interpretation right


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