This is the second partnership for JPEX with the football club, by providing great confirmation of the strength of the club on and off the field and as a strong brand in its short history.

With Macarthur FC and JPEX both officially launching in 2020, both brands share a common goal of becoming well known and well respected in their prospective markets. JPEX have quickly made their mark in the Asia-Pacific market and are continuously expanding with the aim to become one of the largest exchange platforms globally.

Natalie Matich, General Manager of Operations of Macarthur FC shared in the excitement of the new partnership.

“Cryptocurrencies are opening up a whole new ball game for the modern-day investor. Discussions around which sort of Crypto is hot or not are forming part of our everyday discussions, whether that be in the office lunchroom or over your old school friends’ group chat.

Cryptocurrency-based Partnerships within the sporting industry, whilst still relatively new, are becoming a prominent part of the landscape, especially Football. With the notoriety of Cryptocurrencies offered on the JPEX trading platform, it is no surprise the growth they have experienced over the past 6 months. The commonalities between both JPEX and Macarthur FC provide a great foundation for a partnership, and we are excited to work with them this season.”

JPEX are now setting their sights beyond Asia, looking to increase the reach of the business within the Australian market further, and have already received a positive response. With both brands growing in competitive markets, JPEX sees the partnership with Macarthur FC as a great opportunity to achieve their international goals.

We are nearly the same, such achievements we both made are a testament to the growing maturity and stability of our own institution. Together, we will usher in even brighter prospects for our future partnership and contribute even more development, opportunity, and prosperity in the coming decade. We will, and we must do this with them.” said JPEX Marketing manager, Oscar Radley.

With the continued growth of both brands, Macarthur FC looks forward to building its relationship with JPEX for many seasons moving forward.

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