JPEX 回顧 11 月第一周表現最佳的代幣

JPEX 在 11 月的第一周觀察到事件。 本週,西班牙桑坦德集團的子公司桑坦德英國公司宣布,他們對英國客戶的外匯交易實施了限制。

由於數百萬人成為詐騙的受害者,英國的加密貨幣公司需要獲得該國最高監管機構金融行為監管局 (FCA) 的批准才能投放廣告或從事促銷活動。

WhatsApp、Facebook 和 Instagram 的所有者 Meta Platforms Inc. 宣布,在不久的將來,Instagram 的用戶可以通過與 Polygon Network 的合作在平台上創建不可替代的代幣 (NFT)。 這將使 Instagram 成為一個兼具 NFT 市場的社交媒體平台。

儘管價格相對較低,但礦工獲得了約 5.9 億美元的收入,高於 9 月份的價值。

最大的 NFT 市場 OpenSea 在 10 月份以約 3.26 億美元的收入重新成為月交易量最大的平台。

上述消息是在數字資產價格上漲的一周內傳來的。 在 10 月 30 日星期日至 11 月 5 日星期六期間,Fantom (FTM)、Polygon (MATIC)、Chiliz (CHZ)、Dogecoin (DOGE) 和 Litecoin (LTC) 漲幅最大。

JPEX 研究了一些按市值計算的最大數字資產的價格飆升所涉及的數字。 

Fantom (FTM) 上漲 37%      

Fantom 是一個高度可擴展的區塊鏈平台,用於去中心化金融 (DeFi) 和加密貨幣應用程序。 Fantom 基金會是該項目背後的開發團隊。 據報導,本週,該項目的前利益相關者 Andre Cronje 將他在 LinkedIn 上的傳記更改為 Fantom 基金會的 Memes。 他的潛在回報導致該項目的本地資產價格飆升,以 FTM 表示。

10 月 30 日星期日,FTM 開盤價為 0.2254 美元,在 11 月 5 日星期六達到每周高點 0.3089 美元,在 11 月 2 日星期三測試每週低點 0.2168 美元,並在 11 月 5 日星期六以 0.3087 美元的價格成交。 根據加密資產價格追踪機構 CoinMarketCap 的數據,交易量從 1.9 億美元大幅上升至 4.36 億美元。 總體而言,這導致 FTM 價格上漲了 37%。

Chiliz (CHZ) 上漲 30% 

Chiliz 是面向主流消費者的由區塊鏈支持的產品和服務的貨幣選擇。 Chiliz 為體育和娛樂實體提供基於區塊鏈的工具,幫助他們吸引觀眾並從中獲利。 

Chiliz developed, a sports fan engagement platform that is built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure and uses CHZ, the native asset of the project as its exclusive on-platform currency. Since is closely affiliated with the football industry, anticipation for the 2022 QATAR FIFA WORLD CUP which will come off in the third week of November has led to significant demand for CHZ. 

On Sunday, 30th October, CHZ opened at $0.19, reached a weekly high of $0.2579 on Saturday, 5th November, tested a weekly low of $0.1944 on Sunday, 30th October, and was exchanging hands for $0.2553, as of writing. Trading volume ranged between $400 million and $800 million. Overall, CHZ brought 30% gains to traders and investors. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) Ascended by 29% 

Dogecoin is one of the oldest crypto projects in the industry today. The cryptocurrency continues to enjoy extended gains from Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Due to his strong bond with the Dogecoin project, many analysts believe that should Twitter adopt cryptocurrencies as payments for the accessibility of certain features, DOGE would be one of those digital assets. 

DOGE opened at $0.1216, reached a weekly high of $0.1572 on Tuesday, 1st November, tested a weekly low of $0.1129 on Sunday, 30th October, and was trading for a coin at $0.1276 in the afternoon hours of Saturday, 5th November. Trading volume ranged between $2 billion and $8 billion. Overall, there was a 29% rise in DOGE’s price. 

Polygon (MATIC) Increased by 26% 

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps) with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing security. During the week, as earlier mentioned in the article, Polygon was mentioned as the platform Instagram will be using to power NFTs on its platform. This news resulted positively in the price of the novel token of the Polygon Network called MATIC. 

On Sunday, 30th October, MATIC opened at $0.9338, reached a weekly high of $1.28 on Saturday, 5th November, tested a weekly low of $0.8403 on Wednesday, 2nd November, and traded for a coin at $1.18 in the early morning hours of Saturday, 5th November. MATIC saw a substantial rise in trading volume from $303 million to $2.15 billion. Overall, MATIC soared by 26%. 

Litecoin Spiked by 23% 

Created by Charlie Lee in 2011, Litecoin is the second-oldest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. On Tuesday, 1st November, MoneyGram announced that it has created a new crypto service that enables customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency using the MoneyGram App. This service enables MoneyGram app users the chance to trade and store bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and litecoin (LTC). In crypto, some factors drive the price of digital assets. They are staking, exchange listing, and adoption by a mainstream industry. MoneyGram is a powerhouse in cross-border payments and being associated with the company is a positive for the cryptocurrency. 

LTC opened on Sunday, 30th October with a trading price of $56.21, tested a weekly high of $69.37 on Friday, 4th November, reached a weekly low of $54.23 on Monday, 31st October, and was exchanging hands for $69.08 on Saturday, 5th November. Trading volume ranged between $400 million and $2.15 billion. Overall, this was a 23% increase in LTCs price which brightened the portfolio of holders.